Environmental Policy

Here at Broadside we believe in keeping all our processes green and as safe as possible for the Environment… And ourselves!

We use exclusively Franmar products from start to finish in the cleaning and reclaiming of our Screens. Franmar Chemical has invested the past 30 years developing effective, economical, and safe cleaning solutions, all created from soybeans and natural elements.

Greeneway is easily one of the most environmentally safe ink cleaners on the market today being made from Soybeans. It’s non-caustic, has no offensive odour like traditional ink cleaners, it’s biodegradable and a non-hazardous solvent. STRIP-e-doo is our reclaiming solution, naturally derived, biodegradable and non-toxic. We also filter the waste water of the emulsion sediment and residue before it’s safely disposed of.

We have access to a wide of organic and recycled garments and even our non-organic apparel is accredited with “Confidence in Textiles”, “Fair Labour Association” and “Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production” certification.